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URS ASM Branding

Transform a yearly Annual Staff Meeting into an event worthy of staff attention and admiration
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Transform a staff meeting that has been happening for over 15 and make it into an all-star event that highlights corporate initiatives and work being performed by key engineers.

Working with URS Canada I was able to re-imagine how their staff viewed their yearly annual staff meeting. The first step in the branding process was developing an event logo. In the past they advertised the event as the URS Annual All Staff Meeting. I shortened the event name to ASM and developed a unique logo that was separate from the URS branding but still adhered to their strict branding guidelines. The major challenge of the logo is that it had to remain timeless yet create a cohesive brand when connected to the yearly themes.

Connect and Grow
The next step in establishing the brand was designing the graphics for the theme of Connect and grow. The theme came out of the initiative to teach staff how to market themselves and connect to other industry leaders. I drew upon my knowledge of the topic to develop a graphic pattern and title system that would be incorporated into all the marketing for the event.

The Branding and marketing of this event allowed URS to reach out to their staff in a way that they had never seen before. The event was able to bridge the gap between senior management and staff creating a new avenue of discussions.





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Project Details

The core of this branding was based on the design of the new ASM logo and it flexibility to complement a yearly theme. The end design was a mixture of universality and corporate embodiment. Items designed Logo Design ID Kit Video Production Presentation Design Brochure Design Poster Design