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Out and Out

Re-define a volunteer origination to draw in new club members and provide a new tool range for active members.
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My objective was to take an established brand loved by its members and contribute new ideas on how the club could be marketed. Throughout the process I had to remain diligent in the idea that I was not erasing what the volunteers group had already established and, simply put my goal was to add and highlight not to create.

To bring new members to the club I engaged members through a number of chartering session and group meetings. Out of those meeting a number of key volunteers rose to the occasion I worked to empower the tasks that they wanted to produce. Above that I worked directly with the steering committee to develop the new website as well as brand material surrounding their major events.

The success of ut and out can best be seen in their signature event Jamboree. At the beginning of my work with the group their event was bringing in a maximum of 170 guests. Currently their event draws in over 220 guests and spots fill up within 3 weeks The successful growth of Out and Out had very little to do with the development of a new website. Truth be told their







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Project Details

For the development and launch of their new website I created a logo. This logo was within internal messaging to the club. Seen above is the glossy version of the logo used at their annual club meeting to launch the new website. Items designed website logo design video production handbill poster