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Robot UFO Meeting Brochure

Take a page for B-List sci-fi movies and created illustrations for a company’s Annual shareholder meeting
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The goal from the beginning was to create an annual general meeting brochure for a firm that prized itself for being outside of the box. The client’s goal was very specific that they did not want a boring brochure full of endless charts, what they were looking for was a printed piece that would serve as a year in review.

A majority of this project involved working directly with the department head that were tasked with showcasing information related to their section. Instead of being at the end of the process and taking data and attempting to distill it I actually consulted with them from the beginning, working together we created a clear understanding of the content that needed to be developed. On the other side for the project I was working by myself to create the 15 illustrations that would be review by the management team to be featured within the final product.

The end result was a dynamic brochure that sold the company as a brand and kept the whole company entertained with key facts and company objectives.







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Project Details

For the client I created an array of illustrations like the one above. The criteria for the project were very clear. Create classic science fiction imagery while avoiding callout to any specific movie or time period. Although I did over 15 illustrations in total only a few were selected like the one above. Items designed 15 trial illustrations 6 final illustrations hand lettering brochure design