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Logo Design

Create a single image to represent a company’s service it provides and over all vibe of a company, Then create a polished guide of how where and when they should use it.
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The objective for creating a logo is always the same. 1. The company has decided to create a brand for their company and have started at the best starting point of getting a logo. 2. The company needs to change their logo to change the perception of current and perspective clients.

Every logo design project involves a great deal of research within that market.  Once the market research is in place I start to brainstorm the design based the client’s requests. Before the design goes to a client I may have over 100 iterations. Starting at the beginning of the process the iterations are very broad and have sweeping changes by the end the average person would not be able to tell the difference between two contending logo designs.

DamianMaster-2013-logodesign damian-mellin-logo-1 damian-mellin-logo-2 damian-mellin-logo-3 damian-mellin-logo-4 damian-mellin-logo-5 damian-mellin-logo-6 damian-mellin-logo-7 damian-mellin-logo-8 damian-mellin-logo-10 damian-mellin-logo-11 damian-mellin-logo-13 damian-mellin-logo-14 damian-mellin-logo-15 damian-mellin-logo-16 damian-mellin-logo-17 damian-mellin-logo-viven

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Project Details

One of my top favorite logos that I have created the SLAM logo represent months of work. This project involved communicating design ideas and concepts to a gifted geologist who then needed to sell those ideas to a board of directors.