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LCBO Newsletter

Transform an LCBO internal newsletter into an inspiring and humorous showcase of information
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brought on to the project just to facilitate design my goal from the beginning was to turn staff working with the LCBO stores from passive to active readers.

For over two years I worked with the great staff of the LCBO to design their Chain Mail internal newsletter. I was able to enhance the basic content they gave with this stunning images and infographic. The staff leading the project allowed me to push the boundaries to make a better product. Although it was only a small internal newsletter I had a great deal of fun and put in effort into a great project

From the redesign of the newsletter on the LCBO saw a jump in staff retention based around the topics that we were reviewing. The contest while each newsletter saw a jump from 12 contestants all the way to 260 by the time I completed the project






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Project Details

The key to the new design of the newsletter focused on created info graphics for each issue the goal was to transform a difficult concept into an informative and entertaining learning tool