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Food Editorial Japan & Montreal

Illustrate Montreal and Japan in a way that brings vibrancy to its culture for an editorial on how one writer saw a link between his two favorite food cities.
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A 3D illustration by Damian Mellin. Seen here is Schwartz’s in Montreal

The editor had clear understanding of what he was looking for

A majority of this project involved working directly with the department head that were tasked with showcasing information related to their section. Instead of being at the end of the process and taking data and attempting to distill it I actually consulted with them from the beginning, working together we created a clear understanding of the content that needed to be developed. On the other side for the project I was working by myself to create the 15 illustrations that would be review by the management team to be featured within the final product.

The end result was a dynamic brochure that sold the company as a brand and kept the whole company entertained with key facts and company objectives.







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Project Details

For the editorial images a range of 3D designs were created. In the case of the feature Montreal image Schwartz’s Deli in Montreal was recreated. Working with the editor everything from tone to effects were managed.