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Holiday Party Invite

Build staff happiness by sending a holiday invite for a night of fun and excitement
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The branding for a holiday Gala event. The logo is a film projector

URS was having a major issue with their attendance to their annual holiday party. Their research was showing that staff felt that an email invite was not convening the message of appreciation. Paired with the fact that the attendance for the event had dwindled over the last five years the decision was made to grab the attention of the staff with a classic non-email invite.

The solution was to hand delivered printed invites that presented as a personalized holiday greeting card. As the major highlight of the staff holiday party was a giant candy buffet I decided to use the theme of candy. The final illustration evoked the felling of celebration without specifically calling out one particular holiday.

The event attendance grew by 50%, a majority of the staff commented that because they had a physical reminder they were more engaged to attend the event. After the event many staff took to mounting their invites at their desk. The invite for the event was so successful that they decided to use the same format the following year. The theme moved away from candy toward a movie gala theme.








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Project Details

Above: With over 300 staff in the Toronto area the established solution would be to send an email to invite staff to the yearly holiday party. Instead I pushed the management to think outside of the box and go with a classic solution