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Finan Diversity

Showcase the importance of diversity and equity in the constructs of a large corporate managements perspective
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Finan Diversity travels around North America to preform sensitivity training on an array of topics. Because of that the top objective for this project was to create a brand and sales tools that reflected the corporate vibe.

The spark for the Finan Diveristy group came out of two major muses the first was the colour blind test

After the original branding package was created The Finan Group was able to approach a much large client base. From the owners perspective the success was based on the corporation involved to see an agency with the same relative perspective as its own.



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Project Details

For this projected I started with a boiled down shape that represented a person outside of the constructs of gender. The illustration then went on to highlight people from a range of culture creeds sexual orientation and gender. The illustration above was designed to highlight the different perspective that two people could have on one single letter. Items designed logo design illustration website tradeshow display