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Cultivate Design

Transform the action of shoveling and planting into a company that represents the high end glamour lifestyle of its clients.
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Cultivate Design

The objective was transform the owner of Cultivate Design’s passion of landscape design into brand. The branding also had to be client directed and persistent to the idea that mark was providing a luxury service.

Part of the development involved working directly with the client as a landscaper to see the type of maintenance he performed as well as the type of client his service benefited. Once finished my development turned to matching their defined style in a brand

Since the development of their brand Cultivate Design has gained the attention of a number of key client and properties. Clients have comment directly to the owner of how they love working with a landscaping company with such a professorial appearance.




Cultivate Design














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Project Details

The basis for the Cultivate Design logo was a plant growing out of a pot. I thought the simplistic approach of show don’t tell really worked out giving an elegant solution that hit the nail on the head.