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Cast Software Packaging Design

Expand the brand image for CAST Software’s two software platforms wysiwyg and Vivien.
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CAST Software had very more than a branding pdf and a list of color swatches. My objective was to design anything and everything that could push the two software labels from a software produced and sold directly to key lighting designers to a worldwide to a worldwide software company with the branding and marketing to back it up.

the first step to success was expanding CAST software brand Identification book. This included standardizing textures color pallets and more. Those standards were later used in the production of software packing direct email and more.

The next major step was creating a newsletter for wysiwyg as well as Vivien the focused on software tips industry news and other lighting designers and event planners success. Two years into the production of the newsletter we had 40,000 subscribers.

The next milestone was working on supporting the sales team that was doing tradeshows. This involved the design of tradeshow based brochures. Working with printers around the world and launching custom contests on a regular basis.
The last and most major step was branding the launch of new releases.

CAST gained a major footing within the lighting designers and event planners industry and remains at the forefront of lighting software innovation.























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Project Details

Cast software had to main software packages wysiwyg and Vivien. Above you will see the design of two discs one of which was used for the full program and a micro-disk design for a demo of the software. Items designed cd and package design tradeshow booth website software launch campaign newsletter brochures